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Monday, September 10 2018

Many times, we update our ministry information through our Facebook page and neglect to update the information here to our general website! Please forgive us!!!

We are going to take a minute to catch up the details of what has been happening with Table of Grace and the orphanage in Haiti.

We were down at the orphange a few months ago to check in on the kiddos, Pastor & Madame Aristild, and the workers to see firsthand the blessings as well as the needs that are present there. 

The children all looked very healthy! It is always so good to give hugs and see the growth of the children! They grow like weeds :) Some of these children were babies or toddlers when we first met them, and now they are well on their way to become a teenager! Some of the children that we have known and loved for years were not there when we went back this time. Their parents had come back for them! While it was sad not to see them, knowing they were where they should be was wonderful.

The boys have been moved across the road to a "new campus" with a new building. This is so good for so many reasons. While there, though, we realized that the boys didn't have mattresses. The bunk beds were there--but no mattresses. They had all been sleeping on the floor and sharing the blankets until they were able to save enough money to get mattresses. 

Literally, we made a post & shared the video on Facebook to our Table of Grace page and within 24 hours, there was enough funding collected to purchase the mattresses! You are were amazing, and there were some VERY happy boys :) 

Also, while we were there, we saw the desire of Pastor & Madame Aristild to start a business of some sort to help with funding the orphanage. 

In addition to the 49 children in the orphanage, there is a school that was started on the property that is home to almost 200 community children. Almost monthly, there is not enough funding to make the bills. The Aristild's desire to start a business (possibly a food depot or something similar) that would allow them to not be so dependent on outside funding from the States. 

There is never enough time to spend there. Ever. You could spend days just loving on kids, hugging, playing games, kicking a soccer ball, and many other things that are special. The kids love it when we come. We love it when we are there. We are grateful for the internet because it allows us to "see" the children more often than we would if we reliant on travel alone. 

Many of you have been instrumental in meeting the physical needs of the children in Gonaives, Haiti over the past few years. We cannot thank you enough. We have stood amazed as God has used you to be the answer to the needs that have been presented. Whether it was pillows, blankets, medicine, mattresses, school fees, or another miscellaneous need, you have been used to meet the need. 

Going in to the Fall, here is what we are asking you to pray for:

1. Health -- November is notorious for cholera in the orphanage. We are not sure why this month, but it has happened several years now with many children becoming almost deathly ill.

2. Safety -- Hurricanes, strong winds, heavy rain -- we pray all of these stay far away.

3. Teacher's Salary -- Teachers have not been paid for 1 whole semester and are considering not coming next semester. There has not been enough money up to this point to pay the teachers. They have stayed this semester in hopes that there was be payment coming....please pray that God intervenes.

4. Orphanage Sponsorship -- We have about 18 children that need to be sponsored to be able to full meet the funding level. $50 a month will cover meals, clothing, and some school costs. There are more costs involved for books, tuition,  emergency sickness, and any other miscellanous expenses that come up, but we have found that $50 per child per month covers most of the basics. 

5. Business -- Pray that God will allow Pastor & Madame Aristild to start a successful business that will help them transition to independence. They desire that, and that is a wonderful goal to establish. Much is required to start any type of business in Haiti so pray that God gives them wisdom and finances to take the steps He leads them too.

If you are a part of Facebook and want to like our page, simple look for Table of Grace there and you will see more regular updates! We will do our best to update here as often as we can. 

Blessings to you!

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