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Table of Grace Blog
Tuesday, January 20 2015

First the update - We've been feverishly working through the transition of the orphan sponsorship program to under our care and I believe are beginning to find some clarity.  If you've been a little frustrated by a lack of communication on our part, I apologize.  Thank you to all who have made the transition with us and for those who have joined us in the midst of it.  We continue to match available available orphans with new sponsors as they are available.  The orphanage is growing as are the needs.  We intend to grow with it.  I'd like to ask for your patience for a couple more weeks as we check and double check our lists to ensure the complete accuracy we'll need to move this program forward.  As always, please don't hesitate to contact one of us with your concerns, complaints, or questions.

And now the urgent need - Some of you may have heard that a few of the children have become very sick over the last couple of weeks. Five kids have been in and out of the hospital and are in need of medicine.  The youngest of the five is in very poor condition.  Please take a minute of your time and pray for these kids.  Pray for healing in the bodies of the sick and for the protection of those who are healthy.  In my home with just five kids (can't believe I just said 'just'), late evening runs to the immediate care facility to get antibiotics or other 'emergency' care is almost habit.  Sometimes its hard to imagine life without convenience.  With 44 kids, scarce medical care, and hospitals that deny medicine without payment, the orphanage staff has the near impossible task of caring for those who need it most.  But out of convenience, we can help.  In this case, how we respond can have an immediate impact.  Please consider giving toward the purchase of medicine and care for these kids.  They need our help now.  We will be sending money down as it comes in as the need is urgent.

I'll be following up with another update in a few days, but until then, thank you for your faithfulness to God's call and choosing to join us at the table.


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