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Our Purpose

Recognizing God's purpose in every life, Table of Grace Ministries aims to manifest the love of Christ by strengthening impoverished communities and improving lives through provisions of opportunity and hope.  TOG actively seeks opportunities to partner with individuals and organizations within communities to meet urgent needs while fostering responsible development.  By reaching hearts and engaging minds, it is our desire that all of God's children realize their place around the table of His abounding grace.  

Our Vision


The 3 table settings, placemats, platters, or any other awkwardly forced table themed symbols for who we are and aim to be.

Care      Christ took on physical form in order to identify with us so that we can identify with the Father.  It's fitting that now, being led by the Spirit, our identity is marked by our love for one another. 

The need for certain 'Care' initiatives in Haiti led to our formation and will continue to be an essential feature of who we are and what we do.  Care programs are often project driven,  short term initiatives that have the potential to have immediate impact on targeted needs.  You can read more about current and past projects on the Project page. Recently, our 'Care' division has expanded its purpose and stretched its designation as project driven by taking over the administration of an orphan sponsor program supporting the children of Institution Mixte Les Freres Aristild (IMFA) in Gonaives, Haiti.   Before Table of Grace was even an idea, several of us were fortunate enough to develop a relationship with the orphanage and have been participants in the program from its inception.  Needless to say, we are excited to take an even more active role in lives of these children.

Craft      Being created in the image of God, all of us have a need to create, to participate in the nurturing and propagation of beauty and order in this world.

Our Craft initiative  is people driven and will be an ongoing venture.  It relies heavily on an extended commitment by both those in a supporting role and those receiving support.  While Care is essential to what we are about at Table of Grace, Craft is core.  Craft will seek sponsorships for men and women who express the desire and commitment to be providers in their communities but lack the means and resources necessary to development their gifts.  The goal of the program will be to develop autonomous contributors while breaking the dehumanizing spirit of dependence.  As many of the orphans we support age-out of orphan care, they will need the tools necessary to begin a life of independence.  Table of Grace is seeking opportunities to participate in the administration of these tools.  Craft is currently in development.  We hope to roll out more specifics and possibly our first sponsorship program in the coming year. 

Connect      The Church is not contained in the walls we build, but is rather a living, ever expanding web of influence carrying with it the Good News of peace.

Our third initiative, Connect, is still just an idea.  In the areas we've been active there are several missional organizations serving the communities they've integrated into.  It is our desire to share in their calling with them by serving them.  Connect will seek to serve missionaries, teachers, directors, or any number of people who have made Haiti their home by creating a network of stateside and in-county connections to promote their craft and enhance their service.

Our Team

Todd VonEhrenkrook - chair -
Sean Mechenich - vice chair -
Kristin VonEhrenkrook - secretary -
Aaron Smith - treasurer -
Brittney Mechenich -

Todd and Kristin VonEhrenkrook

Todd took a mission trip to Haiti in the fall of 2010. It was there he had the privilege of working in an orphanage that had been displaced by the earthquake. While Todd was serving in Haiti, the Lord began opening Kristin’s heart to new opportunities and challenges back home. In 2011, they said yes to God’s call to adopt and brought home 2 children from DRC. Haiti continued to hold a very special place in their hearts and several more trips to Haiti over the next two years solidified a sense in their hearts that God was working a plan in Haiti that included them. Blind to the details, they waited and prayed. In 2013, with a growing sense of direction and confidence in God that by His grace was including them in His work, they initiated the first steps that led to Table of Grace Ministries. It is their prayer and desire to be used of God as they share God’s amazing love that moves them to action.

Sean and Brittney Mechenich

We have been married since 2005 and are the parents of four children--Hudson (7), Emma (6), Olivier (5), and Kylan (4). Sean is an accounting director for Medxcel, and Brittney is a stay at home, homeschooling momma. We love spending time as a family and traveling as often as God allows us. We both are highly involved in our church and love to see how God moves us through this journey we call life!

Our journey to Table of Grace actually started several years back when we took our 1st mission's trip to Haiti in October of 2010. We had both been on mission trips before, but during this specific trip, God radically changed our world view and drew our hearts to orphan care. Upon returning, we pursued adoption and had the joy of bringing home our son, Hudson, from DRC, Africa in December of 2011 (and gave birth 2 weeks later to our daughter Emma!) We also became involved in a specific orphanage in Haiti through sponsorship and donations of food, medical, and school supplies. Our hearts continue to be burdened not only for orphans but for people in general who lack basic necessities of life and who do not know our Lord as their personal Savior.  Our hearts have been drawn to Haiti since 2010 and in 2018, God allowed us to complete an adoption for our son Olivier. 

We are so blessed and are so excited that God has lead us to be a part of Table of Grace where we get to serve in an area that we are so passionate about!

Aaron Smith

Aaron is an Actuary employed by Wellpoint. He currently serves as the Pricing Director in support of the Indiana business unit. God has blessed him with 3 wonderful children, Madison, Morgan and Mason.  Over the course of the past several years, God has revealed Himself in many ways as Aaron has endured life-changing events. These challenges have provided an opportunity to lean more fully on God and continue to mature in his Christian walk. God continues to demonstrate His grace in all situations.

In the Fall of 2012, God opened Aaron’s eyes even further as He led him and his oldest daughter, Madison, to participate in a mission trip to an orphanage in Haiti. Though he never would have envisioned himself going on a mission trip, he used this as a time to seek God’s will as he embarked on a new chapter in his life. God used the orphans in Haiti to show him that one can experience joy in the midst of trials. The trip also instilled a heart for missions not only in Aaron, but also in Madison.

One of the greatest lessons Aaron has learned is that no matter what life may bring, God's grace is sufficient for him (2 Cor 12:9). In March of 2013, Kristin approached Aaron about her vision of Table of Grace and asked him to prayerfully consider partnering with them. It was immediately evident that sharing the grace of God to the Haitian children in need was God’s desire for this next chapter in Aaron’s life.

Mike and Lydia Smith